Open Source Fortune Telling

Open Source Fortune Telling, Singer Sweatshop Rotterdam

Atheist Fortune Telling offers 1-to-1 readings, giving insight and guidance on your problems. Your fortune is told using a range of made-up techniques and tools found in junk shops: childrens playing cards, Virgin Mary angel deck, a bag of household objects. Atheist Fortune Telling critiques and recuperates new age mumbo-jumbo, satisfying the thirst for 'answers' while exposing their real source: the unconscious projections of the client herself.

Such an opening experience. I feel like there's a weight lifted off my shoulders... I feel somehow hopeful now, and I am still confused but for some reason I feel like I can deal with it.


One client's reading: Past, Present, Future

The question: How will it work out moving into a new house with my partner?

Open Source Fortune Telling, Singer Sweatshop RotterdamAtheist Fortune Telling, Singer Sweatshop RotterdamAtheist Fortune Telling, Singer Sweatshop Rotterdam

The reading: The giraffe is very well adapted to its environment, able to reach up high. Though it has real trouble bending down to drink. Like me: I'm anxious about moving into this small, enclosed space. Will it be too small for the both of us? I will need to practice being quiet, and listening more. I can be too talkative sometimes - the chatterbox. But when it's not wound up, the chatterbox can also be silent. Like the giraffe, I realize I can adapt myself to this new situation.

The reading opened up my mind to recognizing symbols, and the potential of seemingly indifferent projections.


First shown at Singer Sweatshop, Rotterdam.
Photo credit: Aad Hoogendoorn


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