13-15 Nov: Mapping Free Culture Workshop @ WORM Rotterdam

When 13-15 Nov 2013
Where Rotterdam, NL
Info Coming soon

A three-day workshop given with Dave Young, part of the Free?! event series this winter. Blurb:

What is 'free culture'? During the workshop we will make a critical foray into the 'free culture movement', attempting to map the relationships between people that make up free cultural expressions. By researching specific case-studies, we will take a critical look at the diversity of transactions taking place in communities from Flickr to Debian development, from YouTube remixes to communal religious movements. We will ask questions such as: is there still such a thing as a 'free culture movement'? Is it defined by a specific type of interaction? What models and metaphors are available to make sense of these interactions, and what are the limits of such models? By looking in depth at the relationships characterising 'open' communities, we will find new ways to theorize and map them.