A three-day workshop given with Dave Young. What is 'free culture'? We will make a critical foray into the 'free culture movement', attempting to map the relationships between people that make up free cultural expressions. By researching specific case-studies, we will take a critical look at the diversity of transactions taking place in communities from Flickr to Debian development, from YouTube remixes to communal religious movements.

In the run-up to Halloween, I will be telling fortunes and holding an open source séance at the Singer SweatShop art space in Rotterdam. No mumbo jumbo, 100% secular atheist fortune telling using whatever tools come to hand.

I will be in residency this summer at Variable in Brussels, experimenting with tools for collaborative production.

Join us for an afternoon of discussion on the connections between horizontal collaboration, feminist consent and the notion of consensus. With presentations from artists and activists working at the intersections of collaborative art, democracy and sexual consent.

This April I'll be facilitating 12 days of prototyping for experimental feminist software at Interactivos?'13: Tools for a Read-Write World. The call for collaborators is open until 9 April.