Conflict & Collaboration worksohps

Student work by Euana, Federico, Kendal & Martin, Piet Zwart Institute 2020

Student work by Louise, Jacopo & Floor, Piet Zwart Institute 2020

A series of workshops for masters students in Experimental Publishing & Lens Based Media at Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam. I designed and deliver these workshops as a guest lecturer at Piet Zwart Institute, which create space for new students to reflect on group dynamics, mental health and approaches to non-hierarchical collaboration. We explore theories of conflict and consent, informed by my work in consent education, and prototype ways of forming healthy group relations to facilitate future collaborative projects between students. Above: images of student work from exercise considering approaches to conflict resolution in visual culture. Students were invited to propose possible solutions to the controversy over whether to keep or remove a notorious statue of colonialist & racist Cecil Rhodes from a University of Oxford college.

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