Photos from Post Digital Publishing @ Transmediale 2013

Indy Publishers Workshop

Kristin Tretheway from Sourceforge introduced Booktype, the collaborative book editing software, and we discussed the limitations and opportunities it presents to designers. Geert Lovink and Florian Cramer introduced their forthcoming project, a collaboration between Hogeschool Rotterdam & Hogeschool Amsterdam, to create a toolkit for e-publishing. Designers need to be involved in shaping these media, they said, not just designing 'skins' for pre-determined layouts. Simon Worthington introduced the work of the Hybrid Publishing Consortium. Brendan Howell gave an insight into the design challenges faced by DIY e-publishers, presenting his booksprint project Exquisite Code. He described the approach he took to generating the book files from online content, using LATEX markup.

Home Libraries Workshop

Marcell Mars sung the praises of the Calibre software for creating and co-ordinating a distributed, universal public library through individuals sharing their PDF collections. Marta Ponsa, curator of the online gallery of Jeu de Paume in Paris, presented the current exhibition 'Erreur d'impression' - a collection of works dealing in various ways with the post-digital condition of publishing. St├ęphanie Vilayphiou presented her project 'La Carte Ou Le Territoire' ('The Map or the Territory'), featured in the exhibition, which uses Google Book searches to find identical phrases across texts, revealing the 'plagiarised' nature of all writing.

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