Fusion Arts archive remix

Fusion Arts is an East Oxford-based community arts organisation, with a long pedigree of socially engaged arts practice going back to the 1970s. We worked together to run a series of events in Oct-Nov 2019 engaging local people in the CowleyRoad.org digital archive, which were funded by a community grant from Lankelly Chase. During this process I discovered the wonderful Fusion Arts archive: a number of boxes stuffed with old flyers, photos and newsclippings yet to be catalogued. So many of the Fusion Arts projects - dealing with access to the arts, gentrification and local planning - are more relevent now than ever. For the final workshop in our series I decided to open up and activate some of the archive material, using a remix approach to digitize graphic details and bring them to life in new designs. Here is a small sample, giving an idea of possibilities.

Please note: all images are used courtesy of Fusion Arts and are not currently available under an open license.


Some archive clippings

Digital remixes

Archive clippings, digitized to scaleable SVG format using Inkscape. They can now be resized, used to make patters, re-coloured etc with ease.

SVG downloads

For use during the workshop. Right click and 'save as' (may not display in browser):

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