is a DIY community archive project created in partnership with Charlie Harvey and Cowley Road Carnival, with funding from the Greening Lambourn Trust.
The project consists of a website on which every public and commercial building on Cowley Road has its own page, tracking the changing uses and look of the buildings through time. It functions like a local Wikipedia: anyone can create an account to add memories and photos, and all content is published under copyleft licenses meaning the archive is free and available for community use.

The project was launched at Cowley Road Carnival in 2017 with a large scale walk-in installation which recreated the street. Carnival-goers wrote their recollections of each building. There followed a series of public workshops in which local people were taught how to use the website to add their own photos, and a lecture on Cowley Road history by guest speaker Liz Woolley.

To get involved, go to and request an account.

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