Open Wide: Answering the Anxiety of "The Author" in Open Licensing

Current research

Open Wide is an ongoing research project into art, authorship and open licensing. I'm exploring what it means to be constructed as a an attributable 'author' by copyright law and artistic practice. What ideas about selfhood are at work here, and what is so scary about letting go of control over our work - whether we hang on with an 'all rights reserved' license or maintain authorship through an open licensing scheme?

I'll be giving a workshop at the LiWoLi festival on 26 May which will invite artists and designers to consider these issues in relation to their own work.

Past writing

This project began as a BA dissertation, in which I addressed the resistance to open licensing in the art school where I was studying.

It approaches the history of copyright from a feminist angle, attempting to bridge the divide between feminism and free culture critiques of "intellectual property". It draws on interviews with practicing artists (included as appendices) to search for humane ways to dispense with the idea of authorship, and explores the erotic and spiritual possibilities of giving up control over our creative work.

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