Open Sauce

Open Sauce installation view 1

Open Sauce was a collaborative erotic writing project, starting with a stereotypical sex scene laid open to modification using a wiki, under a No Rights Reserved copyright license.

A variety of artists and writers responded to the evolution of the changing story, and the project remains entirely copyright-free for those wishing to document or remix it in their own way. The project was shown at the Oxford Brookes Fine Art Degree Show 2011, where two booths allowed visitors to contribute to the story and inspect the changes made by others (pictured above by Charlie Harvey).

Open Sauce experimented with open source collaboration as an alternative to solo authorship. As a radical political project, Radical X seeks to promote alternatives to restrictive 'all rights reserved' copyright and showcase examples of collaboration, sharing and open source licensing. In contrast to the way these topics are often discussed – in legalistic (predominantly male) environments focussed on software – Open Sauce experimented with the deeply human, erotic possibilities of opening up access to our creative work and allowing it to evolve into something shared.  

I facilitated Open Sauce as part of the wider Radical X project. It followed on from my research into the erotic & feminist potential of open licensing.

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