'Absent Friends' public sculptures in Oxford Mail


Absent Friends is a public installation project, bringing life-size papier mache people into public spaces in Oxford as the Coronavirus lockdown eases. They act as placeholders in cafes and other public places, occupying the seats which must be left empty to ensure social distancing. The first sculpture has taken up her place in Flo's community cafe and was featured in the Oxford Mail.

Would you like to host an Absent Friend in your cafe or meeting-place?

I am currently accepting expressions of interest from cafes, pubs, places of worship, libraries and other public places. If you have empty seats which you need to keep clear for social distancing and would be interested in temporarily hosting an Absent Friend sculpture on one of your empty seats, please get in touch. The sculpture will be delivered to you and collected again after an agreed time period.

Would you like to have an Absent Friend modelled on yourself or a friend?

I would love to help you "be there" with a papier mache proxy while you are self-isolating. If you would like one of the Absent Friends to be modelled after you, please drop me an email. I will need a few photos of you to work from, and will discuss with you where you would ideally like your proxy to be sited.

Help fund this project

If you'd like to bring Absent Friends to more places, please consider donating a small amount via the Absent Friends crowdfunder: https://fundrazr.com/bring-absent-friends-to-oxford


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