James Deen's Hands

Bryan Matthew Sevilla, better known by the stage name 'James Deen', is one of the world's most famous porn stars. Known for his 'boy next door' appeal, he rose to fame in the late 2000s, in large part due to his popularity amongst female viewers.
This experimental animation takes an extract of one of his screen performances. By removing everything except his hands, it explores the strange visual language of pornography. Even when starring a performer hired to please female viewers, the male body only ever appears as disembodied parts glimpsed briefly intruding into the frame.

This short animation is a starting-point to consider how the female gaze is - quite literally - pushed to the sidelines by the visual conventions of this highly stylised genre.

Following multiple allegations of abuse in late 2015, James Deen has fallen from favour, and the status of his famous body parts as an object of female visual pleasure has now become even more ambiguous.

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