Honest Stationery. Charcoal & pencil drawing.
A Bird In Hand. Collaged drawing.
In the Sauna. Mixed media drawing.
"Leaf Riot". Watercolour & digital drawing
Beach path. Mixed media collage
Comfy chair. Mixed media collage
RISC Reading bar. Colour pencil drawing
"In the Summerhouse". Mixed-media collage
The Gardeners Arms. Drawing
Oxford Colouring Book cover. Available in the shop
The original Keen Bean coffee, Oxford. Drawing & digital collage
A page spread from My Oxford Life Colouring Book.
In Templars Square Shopping Centre. Drawing & digital collage
"Oxford High Street". Drawing & digital collage
"Charlie in Paris". Three dimensional paper collage
Female anatomical diagram. Mixed-media collage
"Oh Yea All Will Be Well". Paper collage
Pomegranate Salad. Digitally collaged drawing.
"Louisa". Digitally coloured drawing
IWW Flyer. Digitally coloured drawing.