"In the Shower". Paper, wood & found objects "Mary". Paper sculpture Gold pot with feet and face. Clay and paint. "Love". Paper sculpture


I'll be participating in the LUX (dis)chorus residency this September, as part of my R&D on distributed publishing.

I'll be showing work at Creative Now!, a one-day show at WORM Rotterdam.

I'll be giving a workshop on authorship at LiWoLi 2012, the festival of 'Art and Radical Openness', called 'Open Wide'.

A group of us from the Piet Zwart Institute will be presenting works at Unlike Us 2: the second event on ‘alternatives in social media’, where artists, designers, scholars, activists and programmers gather.

I'll be speaking at the latest in Mutiny's series of 'On Trial' events on 8 December. The series brings together activists, academics, artists and the like for evenings of debate and entertainment on topical issues.