Consentsus: An Open Research Project on Consent, Collaboration & Consensus

consentsus workshopConsentsus is an open research project, contributing to a critical feminist theory of consent and connecting it to collaborative production, voting systems and consensus.

Party Line Placard Generator

Party Line Placard Generator

Whether you want to show solidarity, or just can't think for yourself: the Party Line Placard Generator created for you an instant placard from this week's headlines.

The Dissolute Image

The Dissolute Image is a speculative, poetic hosting technique. It enables the distributed posting of banned content on the very platforms from which it is excluded.

Tech Tools for Activism

Tech Tools

Tech Tools for Activism is a user-friendly guide to secure communication tools, put together by Hacktionlab. I contributed graphics for the website and upcoming book.

Oxford Rape Crisis Centre

OSARCC website screenshot

You have listened to our thoughts and adapted them into a website to suit our needs, being considerate to our requirements, and offering support and training... it's been great to work with you

- OSARCC staff

The Limborough Road Project


This intervention in a local council-funded museum posed as an innocuous historical exhibit, using the platform to make critical comment upon and invite debate about a controversial shopping development being pushed by the council at the time.

Being the Media

I did these interviews at the 2011 Hacktionlab Barncamp after listening in to planning meetings there about the new Be the Media radical news aggregator.

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